These days people are travelling around the world a lot what causes mixing of cultures, races and religions. Life in multicultural society can be advantageous but can also lead to numerous problems such as aggression or loss of individual’s identity.

First of all, getting to know foreign cultures can expand your knowledge about other countries and habits of their nations. Meeting people from various lands can broaden your horizons – you can discover new worlds by contact with them. What is more, you can learn new languages or some useful phrases like “Hi!”, “How are you?” or “Thank you”. Furthermore, living with each other makes us more tolerant and open to differences.

On the other hand, who has not seen news in the TV or read in the newspaper about aggression or riots on the street against the religious background? Jihad is one of frightening examples of bad influence of religious differences on people’s lives. In addition, as time goes by we may suddenly lose our cultural rites and habits if we will be too tolerant for other nations.

On the whole, I think that quote of Audre Lorde who said “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences” highlights the strong and weak points of dissimilarities between us. As long as we differ we can gain and lose because of it.