Space exploration always was the dream of humanity. Observation of sky and stars were conducted even by ancient Greeks. Nowadays, when we finally have proper tools for exploring the galaxy we can ask ourselves about the pros and cons of presence of human in the space.

First of all, development of space technology guides us to continuous evolution in everyday life. Maybe someday rockets from space shuttles will be mounted in our cars? Furthermore, experiments conducted in space can give us knowledge which may in future help solve today’s problems. People should explore the space to discover new things such as new minerals which may be helpful for next generations.

On the other hand, huge amounts of money are being spent on space exploration instead of finding solutions for existing problems on this planet such as famine in Africa. What is more, we are littering space with our spaceships and satellites. Moreover, they can trace each and every movement, which could potentially be a threat to freedom of people.

To sum up, I think that every kind of power is as beneficial as dangerous. Everything depends on the person who holds the control. We can turn the dream of universe exploration in the success and in the nightmare for all of us as well.