Hello Mary This year we went with Adam and the girls on the Mazury We rented a cottage on a lake in the village Gorło. Cottage located on a hill and from the windows was a wonderful sight. Lake, sunset. Something beautiful. And most importantly, that well-rested. Not far from our rented cottage also a family with two daughters and two sons. We would often meet them at the lake while fishing, swimming or walking. One day her daughter invited the girls learned to grill Julie and Cashier. I thought it was a good idea to know the neighbors, so we invited the whole family. Girls mom's name was Veronica she had brown hair, brown eyes, slightly overweight but very nice, even baked walnut cake for all. Juzek but also a dark-haired with green eyes and a very high 190 centimeters, and very slim. Their sons Mark and Patrick were identical as their father,...

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