Dear Tom

Thanks a lot for your letter that I got three weeks ago. I’m pleased to hear that everything is well with you and that you already are coming to Poland. I’m very sorry that I haven't written for so long.

In a recent letter you’ve asked me a questions. Where I was on vacation in this year and what it was. First of all you should know that It was my the worst holidays ever.

I was in the seaside in Sopot city. When I came to my holiday home i saw big darkblue clouds and I realised that is going to rain. I had right. It was raining three days I was so angry. I couldn`t go to beach, take sun-batche and go to buy souvenirs or just go sightseeing. After This three days which I spent in tent, sun wake me up. I was suprised and happy it was my last 2 days to go swimming so I ran to beach when I arrived I observed that in the sea are a lot of algas and nobody was swimming. I was disappointed really resigned but I decided to buy some souvenirs so I brought my stuff back. When I was going to city center I saw that I had forgotten my wallet. I attempt to be calm but when I was returning to mu holiday home I cross te road on a red light... and some policeman catch me.. He said that it is 250 zł of mandate... I don`t have enough money even at home so I decided to paid for those four days and go home immediately..

can you believe that all this happened to me? I would like to ask you about your vacation.

I must bring to a close now because it’s already late and I have to get up early tomorrow. I promise to be in touch with you. Say hello to your sister write to me as soon as possible.

I wish you only good holiday!