Nowadays internet is everywhere, everyone has access to internet. There are a lot of social websites and ways to communicate with each other. Today nearly everyone have tried to chat with someone using internet. The most popular form of "internet chatrooms" is Facebook, there are about one billion user.

There is comon belive that internet chatrooms and any of social activities in internet may be dangerous, becouse of strangers who can use naive people . The other disadvantage is that you might waste lots of time or even get adicted to it. Young people spend huge amount of time sitting in front of computer screen and they don't realise that they just waisting their time making stupid things.

But on the other hand, "internet chatrooms" bring lots of benefits. You can get to know new people or just deepen my relationships with people that I already know. In the internet you will never get bored and you will always find someone who will jauntily chat with you.

There're many ways to be safe in the internet, you can plead your privacy and ban persistent users. In my opinion "internet chatrooms" or social websites serve a usefull purpose. Everyone can feel there safety and it's brilliant place to reasonably spend time.