I go to high school of the name Science and Business Center in Legnic.I'm on the second semester. My school is very known becasue of high level of education. Teachers have high qualifications and they are demanding, make high demands, but that's okay, because i know that i will be well prepared for the exams to study and subsequent studies. I currently have English language, mathematics, Polish language, geography and computer science,stories and WOS-i like more the humanities.school is equipped with modern equipment and there is a large, bright building situated on a side, not a busy street not far from the center.School building is renovated, a new facade and equipment classes. People at my school are friendly, you can always ask for everything, count on expected aid,is really welcoming atmosphere. Here i met many friends, we spent a lot of time. In spite of my class walking to people of all ages are able to understand each other and we try to help ourselves as much as needed. I hope that these friendships will continue. My school has a tradition that is shaping we-students. I will always remember that time with fondness.