'Drug dealer caught!' – informs yesterday’s article’s headline. '26-year-old resident of Opole attempted to smuggle a bag containing over two pounds of marijuana' – it continues. In law, marijuana and other soft drugs are illegal. But many people, including politicians, say that there is nothing wrong about using this kind of intoxicants. Do you agree with them?

Firstly, marijuana is less harmful than any other stimulants. It doesn’t cause cirrhosis, like alcohol, and is less noxious for lungs than tobacco – two most popular, and legal intoxicants. There is various evidence, that THC can be a great medicament – antidepressant and painkiller for instance.

Furthermore, people’s behavior after smoking weed is completely harmless. A person intoxicated by delta-9-tetrahydrokannabinol is calm, cheerful, languid and hungry. This is the opposite to drunk person, who is often aggressive and dangerous.

However, long term smoking leads to addiction and may cause lung cancer and make languid effect permanent. We should remember, that the drug is illegal and tests cannot be conducted making it hard to assess the effects. Therefore, consequences may be much worse.

Moreover, an intoxicated person is unable to drive, so police will need to make sober test including thc test routinely, and it will be necessary to order the highway code. There is no denying that we can't feel safe among stoned drivers.

l considered both advantages and disadvantages of legalization marijuana. Whether weed is a healthier substitute of alcohol, or just another deadly attraction, you have to decide yourself.