Nowadays more and more people are concentrated on earning money. This is indispensable to ensure food and other necessary things for their family. Life without sufficient amount of money becomes a real problem, but does money bring happiness these days? Firstly, owning a big fortune let us make our dreams come true. Travel to another country or continent costs a lot and most of the ordinary people can’t afford it. Admiring beautiful sights and sightseeing tour is impossible for them. Secondly, we can buy everything we would like to have. It’s an opportunity to improve our skills by enrolling for diffrent courses, especially language ones or just take care of children’s education by studying in reputable universities. We don’t have to worry about food and cures if someone got sick. On the other hand, there are some priceless things we can’t buy such as love or friendship. They require devotion, trust and need to be cultivated. Nothing is going to replace a close friend who stand by you when you are in trouble. Loneliness is the worst feeling we can...

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