Initially, computers were used exclusively for military purposes, but over time have become widespread. Currently, the number of people using computers is enormous and increases every year. Similarly, the matter is when it comes to the Internet - the number of people using the Internet is growing at an enormous pace. Now, almost everyone has a computer at home or at work. People without a computer can not live, these machines we made the terrible. So it is with the Internet. If you have a computer you also want to be able to connect to the Internet. Application-Fi help in everyday life, but also often overwhelming. It's how we use the Internet depends only on us. Internet as a network service is so popular that it is used for many purposes. There is no major problem for everyone. Not only in Internet cafes, schools, but more often at home. It is used not only by young people, but also by the elderly. The advantages offered by the Internet network include: Post-mail or E-Mail - is the most popular service on the web. It is used by millions of people around the world. It is easy to use and lots of amenities and a variety of additional features allows you to quickly exchange messages.

Chats and various instant messaging clients such as Facebook, Gadu-gadu and Skype allow you to get to know different people from all over the world, you can chat with multiple people at the same time, or with each separately. The big advantage is that you can remain anonymous person on the internet, as long as you want it to. It is a great convenience for those shy and secretive. Many chat rooms also feature made available Watching people on the "other side". In this way we are able to watch and listen to them through small instruments, such as the microphone and webcam .. Internet search engines allow you to easily and quickly find many of the necessary information, such as data on job search, news, entertainment and education You only need to type a string of words, and they quickly find everything that has any connection with the search topic. The most popular are Google, Search Engines twocows and standard portals, such as wp, interia, o2.

Internet auction sites that allow you to purchase, sale, exchange most things, they are very comfortable, because we can observe many things without leaving your home. Internet accounts allow you to control your account, paying bills, making transfers, check account balances without the need to visit a bank branch.

All about science can be found on pages devoted to education.

On these pages you will find among other summaries, essays, studies, essays, papers, and many others. You can get information about the departments in various subjects. Many sites have to offer so-called. 'Entertainment'. These include on-line games, in which you can play with access to the Internet. You can also solve crossword puzzles, psychotesty, take interest in contests or online forums [...]

On the Internet, we can also make purchases, often at much more favorable terms than in real shops. With the Internet, we can also watch movies, read books and newspapers, listen to music or play games. Often, we also use information services. Without leaving home check

what will be the weather tomorrow, which leaves the train to Krakow and what is the rate of a specific currency. Internet helps us also at work. Starting from the search by the police data on criminals and ending piloting space shuttles. It allows us to examine all the earth, and even outer space. It helps in determining whether our life is not in danger, and what is currently happening in the strip of land. Thanks for the measurement of complex weather aparaturom anticipate what will be the condition of our atmosphere, and we can predict terrible, but true disasters such as typhoons, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, droughts, fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Through the Internet, this information could quickly be transferred to a specific place on the globe, so it can be saved human lives.

Internet, despite the many advantages also disadvantages.

General defects and threats are viruses that can damage your computer, spam, flooding us that a whole lot of advertisements, hackers who break into our computers creating a threat not only to the computer itself, but also for data that is kept here for example, there passwords to online bank accounts. The primary concern is anonymity, which is an advantage on the one hand and, on the other hand, a threat, because you never know who is sitting on the other side of the monitor and what the intentions towards us. Many people just use anonymity for sexual pleasure. The so-called. Predators are a big threat to small children, teenagers and even adults. Therefore, online contacts should apply the principle of "limited confidence".

The great danger is also dependent on the Internet. Scientists studying the impact of the Internet on people's lives is a phenomenon called the "greatest addiction twenty-first century."