Modern school is very a difficult institution. I can say much about it because I am a student. In Polish schools, students need to know all about everything. Every subject is important; even stupid " knowledge about society".

I understand that we should have comprehensive knowledge but it is too much. Teachers don't understand that we haven't time to study senseless things. We have too much homework . If I finish homework I am too tired to conversation with my family - for example. I only dream to go to my bed.

Another unjustice is being for school. If students are too late, it is a very big problem. Teachers are not nice to them and they are malicious. If the teacher is too late and in addition the class has to write a test, it isn't problem. One seats and tell to Us "please, pull up the paper". We have too less time to write. He/ She never prolongs our lesson time. " A break is for the teacher".

Generally the school isn't fair, probably it teaches us to live. Life is also unfair. Is it good for us?- I don't know.