One of my favourite books is "Harry Potter and the philosophers stone" written by J.K. Rowling. It is the first volume of the 7-book-series about a young boy called Harry Potter, who is a wizard.

This book quickly became a bestseller.

Harry Potter lives with his aunt, uncle und cousine –Dadley, but unfortunetly Harry doesn’t feel with them like with his real family. On his eleventh birthday he got a letter from a the School of Witchcraft and Wizardy - Hogwart`s and that way he found out that he is a wizard. In school he met his first friends and of course he made some enemies- for example Draco Malfoy- a very rich and pround boy.Harry would live a peaceful and happy life, if there wasn’t Lord Voldemort - his biggest enemy, who killed his parents when he was a baby. At the end of this book he had to stand foca to face with Voldemord,

I really love this book and its part of my childhood. The plot is absolutely amazing, full of humor and of course magic. The breathtaking battles between good and evil are totally spectacular and quite suprising.

I strongly recommend that book to young and a little bit older readers. I’m pretty sure that everybody will live it!