The ,,Kite runner" is the best known book of Afgan writer Khaled Hossein. The action is set in Afganistan,in late 70's.This book tells the story of Amir,Afgan child from rich family.Not being able to impress his father he together with his friend and severant Hasan wins Kite competitions.One day Amir becomes a witness of a rape on his friend.Because the fair and cowardice he leaves Hasan and run away.Sense of guilt tortures him all his life till the time he gets a phone from his ucle,saying that Hasan died.then turns up an occassion to redeen.You should find out what happened on your own,shouldn't you?

The strong point of this book is extremely moving plot,true story of Agan man.In addition,in the background there is a true picture of Afganistan in 70's so we can find out important things about this country.

If you are into biographies,you should read this book because it's very gripping and beautiful story of human relationship,problems and love.