Dear Kacper,

I'm writting to you, because I’d like to tell you, where I was and what happened to me last holiday.

I was in a beautiful hotel(CiasnaeMadziae)in Loret De Mal in Spain. I was with my best friend from school. In fact, I have known them for 13years. When we arrived, we couldn’t find our luggages. We found out that, they lost it! Ohhh, it was really terrible! We had to wait for 2 hours! But after that, we finally got to our hotel. On the next day we went on the beach. And after 4hours of playing volleyball and sunbathing we went to the museum. It was really cool! We had great guide, who showed us all the monuments and sculpture and many amazing places in this part of Spain. On the next day we went to the bar. We drank a lot of Coca-Cola, Sprite and we ate a lot of pizzas, ice creams, tortillas, conserves cucumbers, potatoes and much more. I met many famous people, like Justin Bieber, Hannah Montanah and Selena Gomez. I asked them for an autograph on a piece of paper for my best friend Natalia, and they did this! Those are such a great girls! The weather was awesome! Sun was shining all day, but it doesn’t mean that, it was very hot. The temperature was something about 30*C. And one day some little boy came to me, and asked me what time is it. I said: I'm Your father Luke! And for some reason this boy started to run away and scream at the same time. It was really funny :D . I bought some Spanish wine and some other necessary stuff.

I had such a great time and I hope that I’ll never forget this.

Love Konrad