Finally, the day of departure has come. The whole class 3E: Mark, Tina and Bill decided to head off to the mountains. Nobody guessed that it would be the worst day in their life. Kościeliska's valley looked fabulous and everybody knew that it would be a cheerful day.

When Mark, Tina and Bill were climbing higher and higher, they had seen a huge cave and they couldn't prevent themselves from getting into the cave. They made up their mind to discover this cave exactly. Unfortunately, nodoby took into account that they had taken the wrong direction. Suddenly, Mark felt afraid and he said “ Let's come back ! “ but they didn't know how to do it. Tina has already convicted herself that they were lost. They were trying to look around and find something usual but in total, in horrible darnkess it wasn't easy. Tina was the most scared. As she was afraid of their parent's. She knew that they will be angry because they didn't let her walk through the mountains without guide. Bill said that it wasn't a time for crying, they had to concentrate on the way of going outside. 7 hours late Tina was too much resigned and she burst into tears. Suddenly, a rescue team appeared close to them. They couldn't believe that they survived.

When they left the cave and came back home, Tina knew that they parents will be very angry. She didn't want to speak with them, she was too much afraid, but she took into account that she must come back home and listen what her parents have to tell her. Finally, Tina decided to knock on the door.