Have you ever wanted to be a famous person? Have you ever wanted to make a name for yourself? To my way of thinking, most of people wolud say ‘’yes’’. But there are also guys, who don’t want to be in the limelight. How looks life of a really celebrated person?

One major of advantage of being famous is that your life revolves around TV and fashion. You have your fifteen minutes of fame, so you can show your fans how person you are and what can you give them. It can be a great music or a masterpiece, where you are a main character. Moreover, you can become a household name. Because of that, your family may have some facilities and have better life. What is more, you earn a lot of money. You can buy whatever you want. You make your dreams come true by possessing some things, that you always want to have.

One major disadvantage of being famous is that you can squander your talents. Very often happens that when a modest and talentem person Reiss to fame and stardom, becomes only a commodity. Sometimes soda hits to the head and stars make really stupid things. A futher disadvantage is that every famous person must experience the underbelly of fame. You don’t manage to maintain high standards,so you take drugs and then you’ve got many problems. You are at rock bottom and go to the dogs. Last but not east is the fact, that you’re under public security. You must be careful and watch out for paparazzi.

To sum up there are a lot of disadvantages of being famous but there are also advantages of that. It’s hard to say what is better: be a normal person or be a famous star. Personally I believe that your life is easier when you have your own friends and your own life. I don’t want to be a star, because i’m happy with who I am.