I want to tell you story which happened me last holiday. Me and my cousin, Emily were on a camp near the sea. The weather was just brilliant. Everyday sun was shining and there was no cloud in the sky, so we were swimming and laying on the beach all the time. One day we decided to do something different. We packed our rucksacks and went on a special trip.

We were walking for about 2 hours and I was very exhausted. Fortunately Emily was feeling the same so we made some break. I was eating my lunch when Emily said that she is going to find some fresh water. After a while she called my name loudly. I didn’t know why so I went there. When I came to her I saw a delightful place. There was a huge garden with red roses and a stream with a footbridge. Birds were chirping and everything was just perfect. Emily said that she found this place by accident. However, It was getting dark and we had to go back to the camp. Before that we have promised that anybody won’t know about this place. After long return eventually we came back to our camp. The coach was angry but fortunately he didn’t gave us a punishment.

That was the most spectacular day on my holiday and I will never forget it. Emily and I are still thinking about that place and I hope we will go there next year