Last week i watched fascinating programme about cooking. This show called Master Chef and it’s currently showing at 8 pm on Sundays. This is yet another fantastic show produced by TVN and this is based on English version of this kind of programme.

The aim of this show is to find the best amateur cook in Poland. In every episode people who take part in this competition must prepare some dishes and after that they are judged by jury consisting of : Magda Gessler, Anna Starmach and Michel Moran. Person who prepare the worst dish must leave the program and must give back apron. The prize for winner is 100 000 zł and chance to write own cookbook. This program teaches us how to deal with stress and we can also find out how to quickly prepare delicious dishes from what we have at hand. In my opinion this kind of programs are very useful, because we have in our country a number of great cooks and Master Chef can give them a chance to open own restaurant or become really renowned chef.

I really recommended programme MasterChef, because it teaches a lot. We can find out new, simple recipes and we can watch how people deal with their emotions. This show is for people who like cooking.