These days many of us wonder about who we are and what is the impact of that. Maybe it’s connected with nature? In my opinion it isn’t. To my mind the nurture is the thing which has a major influence on us. In this essay I will try to support my opinion following arguments.

Firstly, when we were young nobody was more important than our parents. They taught us how to walk, how to speak or how to behave in different kind of situations. They were authorities for us and now when we grow up we have often similar points of view to them.

Secondly, the environment that we were grown up has also huge influence on our views. as children we didn’t know anything about the world and the rules that govern it so we believed in everything we hear from others. Certainly often when we grow up we change our views, but not in every case.

Moreover, parental education is a foundation of our later life. When for example our parents are Catholics, when we will have our own family we will probably educate our children in the same religion, because for us it’s normal. When it comes to character it is a common belief that genes have huge influence on it. I’m not fully agree with that because during life we develop our interest and character can change. I think we can be whoever we want and the way, what our parents are don’t have anything in common with that.

To sum it up nurture has huge influence on that who we are. I think parental education is fundamental to our later life.