It was a stormy night when a group of teenagers was walking towards home. They were really tired, so boys decided to take a shortcut through the cementery. Girls were a little afraid, but they followed the rest.

When they were walking through the cementery, they heard a strange noise. Girls, especially Monica, were screaming and they wanted to run away. John began to laugh derisively of them, calling them cowards. The girls were really ashamed. After a while, boys offered to call the spirits. Most of them didn't want to do it, but they were afraid of ridicule. So they sat in a circle, grabbed hands and started their ''fun''. At this memorable night, they were also telling scary stories, stealing flowers and violate tombs. When it was 23:00, they decided to disband. Two boys – Jeremy and John were drunk, so they slept in a ditch. Next day, their parents were calling to their friends to ask, if they knew where are boys. Monica told them, that they were well drunk, so they may slumber on the way home. The parents reported a missing, and suddenly searching for the teenagers has begun. In the afternoon police found boys bodies in the nearby river. Friends and family were extremally shocked, when they heard about the death of boys. The studies have shown that boys drank too much alcohol, but teenagers suspected another cause.

Monica got up early, because she couldn't sleep. She was calling to her friends, to talk about this strange death. All the teenagers, who were with Jeremy and John in this mystery cementery, blamed of the death of boys, at the same time feared of their life. They weren't wrong. Few days later, when they were walking in the park, they saw obituary hanging in a tree – Monica Rodiquez was murdered. Teenagers knew, that next it will be their turn.