Our lifestyle and customs have changed in all life sphere through the ages.

Fashion is a thing which changes very often, actually every year. At present women usually wear jeans, t-shirts, blouses and sweaters instead of long skirts or very elegant dresses. In the past women almost always wore dresses. Our clothes are more comfortable than estetic, on the contrary than in the past. Men’s fashion has not changed as much as a women’s had, but it has become more comefortable as well.

There are some other customs in the entertainment. I the past people invited guests to home very willingly. Now we meet friends in the pubs, restaurants and cafes.

The globalization caused changes in food and drink. We don’t have much time for preparing food at home so we usually eat outdors, in restaurants and pubs. We prefer ready-made meals or take away meals than food made at home. A long time ago people ate meals with whole family at home.

Our manners have changed as well. We do not make much of our behaviour. There is no etiquette and human’s behavior are much more cavalier. Our attitude to other people has also changed. In the past people used to be friendly for their neighbours, but now it’s quite difficult to make friends with strange people. We don’t trust them and we are afraid of making new acquaintances.

It refers also of family life. We live very fast, we are overworked and we don’t have a time for our family. We used to care about our children but now we are too busy to look after theme. We prefere hire nanny to do it instead of us. When our grandparents were young they spend a lot of time with family at home. They were talking a lot, playing games or some instruments. Now every one is watching TV oneself or plaing a game on the computer.

Our customs about holidays have changed. At present a yearly vacation is important for everyone. Nowadays more people can afford for a vacation journey. We have much more possibilities of places to go for a summer break. There are many mean of transport so we can faster achieve our destination. We prefer to go abroad than stay in a country. We have become more cosmopolitan.

In the free time people played tennis, chess, cards and rode on horses. At the present people are looking for new and adventurous hobbies. We used to play tennis or chess, but now is not enough. Everyone wants to jump on bangge, diving or windsurfing.

Despite of all changes which have taken place in the past I think that our live will change much more in the future.