Many people nowadays cannot imagine life without Internet. It's one of the most important inventions. It’s our everyday companion. There are many certain adventages of being online. Everybody loves chatting and emailing via Internet.

Thanks to it people can develop their social contacts around the world, stay in touch with their friends or relatives. The world is getting smaller due to this modern device.

In addition, talking via skype is so convenient and easy for everybody.

It is also faster and cheaper than travelling long distances to visit other people. If we have any problems or questions to those we love, we can solve or answer them at once, only sitting in front of our computer screen. So we save our precious time.

However, there are also drawbacks of that situation. Scientists are warning that Internet causes serious mental and psychological disorders.

Firstly, there are more and more people who are getting addicted to this form of communication. Moreover Internet users become less sociable.

They stay at home most of the day instead of going out to shop, work and meet friends.

They often lose their temper, argue or isolate themselves from other people. Searching the Net, they avoid real contacts and true conversations.It is really hard or even impossible to strenghten family or social ties in this situation.

To sum up, it is good to use modern ways of communication to support social contacts. Although it’s really bad to replace true feelings and emotions by virtual ones.