Besides Internet and mobile phones, credit cards have become an inseparable part of a daily life. Many people can not imagine life without them. But are they really good as they look?

There is no doubt credit cards are very useful and have many adavantages. Firstly, you do not need to carry much cash with you. It is comfortable and reduce risk of losing money or having it stolen. counting money while paying for shopping is no problem anymore. Computer does it for you. You will never be deceived anymore. Another advantage of credit cards is that, you without leaving home. They also can be helpful during abroad trips - you can withdraw money in currency of country in which you are and do not have to look fot currency exchange office.

Credit cards have also drawbacks. The main of them is that you do not have a permanent control over amount of money you still have on account. If you want to check balance, you need to go to the bank or use the Internet. In consequence, you can spend more than yo should and find in debt. Next drawback is that, not all stories accept credit cards. What is more, on many shops card payments can be made only above some sum. For exapmle, if you want to buy only one, cheap thing, like a chocolate bar, you must have cash in your wallet or find ATM to withdraw some money.

All things considered, credit cards have some bad sides but also many benefits. Using them can make our life easier but is not free of risks.