All over the world we have got four general means of locomotion. These are: plane, car, bus, and ship.

The most dangerous are travels by plane, but accidents and disasters don't happen very often. Travels by plane have got many advantages. At first: we can very fast go for any place all over the world, everywhere where we want. We can also enjoy beautiful views when we are traveling. Many people are in fear and they scared fliying or they don't travel by plane, beacuse this travel are very expensive and they haven't cash for it. Next mean of locomotion is car. We can meet it everywhere. Almoust every family has got car. It's got for people who travel very often. They can travel only on a land, but these mean is cheaper than travels by plane, but also are very dangerous. Every year many people die in accidents. We can't go everywhere where we want, but we can go with friends and then travel is nice. Travels by bus are such like travels by car, but often it's more expensive than by car. In buses there is often a crowd and there isn't any air conditioning. We can't listen loud music, and sometimes in bus is so many people that we have to stand. That's only good for this people who haven't car.

Verry different from other travels is voyage. We can go for other continents by ship. It's more expensive than travels by car and by bus. That's good for people who love water, beacuse other can have seasickness. In ship very often shaking and people can feel bad or ill. That's good only if you want to get for other continets.