Have you ever thought how you can personally help to reduce air pollution levels? Are our cities clean and fresh enough? Unfortunately, many of us don’t notice this problem or just don’t want to notice it. We need to do something about it, but what?

Firstly, there are too many factories polluting the air. Big companies don’t care about the environment and strict gas emission restrictions. We should create industrial park so less rubbish would be burned.

Another solution is to reduce traffic in the city centre and introduce park and ride scheme. If we do that we can expect fewer cars in the city centre and also much less car exhaust.

Finally, too much rubbish is being burned by ourselves. Introducing a recycling scheme would be a nice idea. Less smoke over the city means healthier environment for you and me.

In conclusion, there are many ways to reduce air pollution levels so let’s start today. As Henrik Tikkanen said: “Because we don't think about future generations, they will never forget us.” Don't let it come true, make a change!