In my opinion, tests on animals sholud be ban.

First of all animals are our friends. We cannot using them just as

a laboratory subjects.

Today on whole world animals are treating badly. We don't understand,

that they have the same right to live, like us.

Secondly human is a king of the world, but it is not enough, to decide

about somebodie's life, even if it is a animal's life.

Of course medicines need tests before patients will buy them in some

drug store. But is that reason, to make a tests certainly on animals?

That tests Pharmacy company can make on people, who will be agree with

this and will get some salary from a special project. It will be more justified than

how is that right now. Maybe it is a controversial opinion, but animals

want to live too, and nobody listen to them!

The cruelest tests ever are cosmetic tests. They are not necessary

and the are not worth of any animal's life.

So, to summarise pharmacy and cosmetic industry won't alive without

cheap tests on animals. It's a paradox, but we are not strong enough

to stop this machine of klling... It's sad.

We can create a new world without an unnecessary violent, I'm sure that.