People have always been curious how the world will look like when they won’t be in this world. I also sometimes close my eyes and try to imagine the Earth in 100 years. There will be rapid development of technology – that is sure. In my opinion it makes no sense to think of inventions distant future, because we just can’t imagine how they will look. Over the past 30 years has changed so much that I don’t know if the man who lived in those times could cope with life today, everything is based on electronics. Humanity seeks to maximize development. Maybe the whole Earth will be surrounded by a special coating that will protect people from the various gases and meteorites that will quite often fall to the planet. Maybe the underground corridors will be devoted to rapid trains. Maybe they will construct various types of cars that will be able to float and fly across the sky. Maybe in the homes, any equipment will be operated electronically. Chairs, beds and even the cutlery will be guided by the pilots. School benches will have mini-computers that will allow students to easily find materials for a lesson. Maybe instead of eating, they will create a capsule that will be sufficient for the whole day. Maybe we will be able to travel to other planets and explore the universe. Maybe there will be robots that look like living beings and artificial animals that will learn quickly and be very obedient. Who knows?

Technological innovations are important, but the most interesting for me is another problem - what changes will happen in a human. If in the future there will be robots similar to humans, they can replace real friends. Friendship is a unique and beautiful phenomenon, and we shouldn’t change it into something that you can buy in a shop. In my opinion people will share into two groups - the first will be very less and will be composed of educated people, but most of the population will be at a low level of education and national consciousness.

I am afraid that people will stop believing in God and traditional religion will be interesting only for a few hobbyists, replaced by faith in science and media propaganda. The attitude to others will be changed. Man will be greedy and selfish, and there will be a lot of fighting and conflict. Mad scientists will play with genes, and "produce" strange creatures, maybe they even will create a lot of mutants that will serve as a weapon of war.

I also think that in 100 years nobody will care about tradition, customs and national culture. We will live a more 'global'. Modern trends completely replace the national tradition, history of our country will go into oblivion and word ‘patriotism’ will stop be used.

Fortunately, this pessimistic view don’t have to become a reality. We just need to change the attitude to other people, be more tolerant, try to peacefully resolve conflicts and above all - remember what means 'to be a human'.