a) przepros ze dawno nie pisales i powiedz dlaczego,

b)poinformuj ze masz nowego nauczyciela od ang i ze przygotowujesz sie do egzaminu

c)napisz z czym masz najwieksze problemy w nauce jezyka i popros kolege o rade jak mozna sobie z nimi poradzic

d)zapros go do Polski na weekend i zaproponuj co bedziecie robic

Dear Kate!

Sorry I have not written for ages because I was busy. I hope you are well.

I want to tell you my news. I have a new English teacher. He is very nice but he is demanding. I do not have time to go to a party because I have to learn.

My English exam is comming so I am preparing for it. I have a big problem with vocabulary, I can't remember new words! I am reading all the time and I forget everything. Can you tell me something what you think I should do?

Come to Poland at the weekend and visit me. We will go to the cinema, I will show you Cracow. We could meet with my friends.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Lots of love!