Dear Jazmyn,

I hope you're doing fine. I'm writing to tell you something. Yesterday I returned from the USA.

I was in Los Angeles with my aunt where I worked as a waitress in a bar.

It was my first job in my life. At the beginning it was hard to get used to. You know, new surroundings, people.

But after a few days I started to like it. I met a new, sympathetic people.

Through this work, I learned a lot. I know that the custmer goes to the right.

Also I can well set the table. I know witch side sholud be the cutlery.

I thinking it was useful to me in my life.

I can tell you more when we meet up so I'm inviting you to for me n Saturday on at 6 o'clock.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care, XYZ