Some people say that rich industrialised nations are responsible for global warming so it is their duty to find remedy. In my opionion it is true. People also maintain that everybody should try to find a remedy. I can find a little bit of true in this statement, so I will decribe my point of view.

Firts, I would like to present some argument in favour of responsible for global warming. I think that rich countries have a lot money, and they can afford to paying for some new machines which could stop this earth destroying process. If some rich nations will give money, we could start making some steps to stop global warming.

Secondly, rich nations have good realtionships with most valuable countries in the world, for example : Russia, USA. They could meet with the country representative and talk about some ideas about Earth protecting.

On the other hand, all nations are responsible for global warming, but not that much as rich countries. Everyone in the world should make something to rescue climate. We can recycle trash, I think that this will be great idea, but only if all of us will recycle bins. Now rich nations do not think about consequence of their doing, of global warming. I think that if they want to help us, they will do it quickly, but they are waiting for more effects of global warming.

To sum up nations with more money should help stopping global warming, but it is not they duty, it is their own choice, because it also our fault.