I live in XYZ, which is a village on south of Poland. Village is 19 km from ABC. It has population of 1500 people. XYZ is one of fourteen village of YYY.

It's a small village with a beautiful view on the mountains which name are Tatry. XYZ is the best place to relaxation. You can listen the voice of birds or look on fair mountains scenery. Village is very good place to ride a bike or go to swimming in the river called ZZZ. There are museum, two churches and several shops.

The weather here is very different because in mountains sometimes is sunny and suddenly can start raining. The summer is great in July. Then it's sunny and you can go swimming in river. But the rest of summer usually can be wet and ugly. Winter here is fantastic. There is a lot of snow. You can go to the ski extract and enjoy with friends. If you want you can fashion snowman.

XYZ is famous for the millenium cross which is stand on the top of hill. The biggest tourist attraction in village is probably the Ski - a new ski extract, open in this year. Tourists who like history can see the NAME museum. In the summer you can spend time on village feast which is organize by XYZ school.

I think that the best advantage about XYZ are the silence and nice atmosphere. There is very safe and friendly. People help self. Village is small and you know everybody. Clear air, pretty views, that's the reasons why I like live here.