'The Green Mile" - review

'The Green Mile' is American drama film directed by Frank Danabont. It tells a story of Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) as a death row's jailer and supernatural events he had witnessed. The film is based on Stephen King's novel of the same name.

One day to jail arrive John Coffey (Michael Clark Duncan) - a huge black man which is accused of killing two young girls. He is not like the other sentenced to death. Even his dangerous apparence in reality he is shy, soft-spoken and very emotional. What is more, he has got extraordinary powers by which he can treat people. his visit will forever change the life of Paul and other prison employees. Convinced of his innocence guards take the fight for clemency John Coffey and find the real murderer.

'The Green Mile' is a diffrent film than most of American productions. Combination of brutal life realities and mysticism is what makes it unique. 'The Green Mile' made a huge impression on me. it becomes a proof that modern movies may lead to think and reflect on our own life. It does not have a clear message and shows many aspects of daily life for example helplesness of certain problems.

In my opinion 'The Green Mile' is a special film. It can cause both: laugh and tears. This movie is cerebral but definetly worth seeing.