At the doctor's

Jacob: Good morning.

Doctor: Good morning. What's the matter?

Jacob: I'm not feeling well, doctor. I have got a terrible headache and I feel sick. I can't eat anything. I've been vomiting the whole morning.

Doctor: I see. Have you got raised temperature?

Jacob: I don't know. I haven't checked but I'm feeling hot.

Doctor: Let me take your temperature then.

Doctor: Well, I think you suffer from food poisoning. Did you eat something bad?

Jacob: I cannot remeber.

Doctor: I will check one more thing. Does it hurt when I touch here?

Jacob: No.

Doctor: Good. It isn't appendicitis then.

Jacob: What should I do now?

Doctor: I will prescribe you some medicine. You must take it twice a day. You will feel better as soon as you start taking it and should recover completely in a week's time. Then I want you to see me again.

Jacob: Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: You don't have to stay in bed but don't overdo things. And I think that some fresh air will do you good.

Jacob: Right.