Nowadays, America is thought to be the most powerful country in the world. Many immigrants view for example, the United States as the land of opportunity because it presents them with life options they may not have had in their countries.

First of all, people have come to USA because of money. America is a land of opportunity for the poor Europeans. They are needed to developing industry, without them it was not impossible rising of America. A lot of people cannnot find a well-paid and satyfying work in their own country, so they come to USA in hope that they life will be better.

What is more, There is freedom of religion in America and people can escape from persecution in Europe.Also liberal economic law favored the creation of businesses and shops where immigrants took up the work. This place, is opportunity for people who are not fulfilled in their fatherland.

Apart from this, there are live people from different places, so it is perfect way to improve language. Wherein you know new people and their culture.

At the same time, there are disadvantiges living in America. For instance, you need to have green card if you want to stay longer there. There are a lot of problems and difficulties to get this card. You can face with dangerous people or will be stolen.

On balance, Every country have advantages as disadvantages, but America is still land of oportunities. If you try, you can do many wonderful things and find hapinnes in this place.