I think my this year's vacations middling imitate too. They were not boring, and also they do not differ from former. I have left on early july with fathers (parents) and sea over for sister circle Międzywodzia Dziwnowa. We lived in house in (to) center of village wczasowym. Some hundreds meters were for sea merely. We went after breakfast on beach early < morning >. Fathers (parents) and sister was liked to char (to sunbathe). However, I in sea prefer swim. There was curious despite chill water from on sun busy < occupance (studies) > „ fry ’ ’. I walked after city with colleagues evenings (in the evening). We visited salons of games often and discoes. I commuted to cloudy days with fathers (parents) for nearby villages. We have toured light-house between other in (to) Niechorzu, church in (to) Trzęsaczu, reservation of aurochs in (to) park national Wolińskim. We have spent one day in intersprings where we have toured promenade of star and exhibition of figure woskowych. There we have bought also a bit reminders. Former hiring establishment of motor scooter for I one of biggest highlight in (to) Pobierowie. I have rented two-personal issuing (seem) all austerity Yamahę. It did not cause riding problems me. It scanted credential have paid even that (in order to) I not enough (little) I have paid that (in order to) credential as I have surpassed allowed speed twice. I consider stay in (to) imitated (managed) Międzywodziu as there several curious highlights were and I have established (have referred) curious acquaintances. I have spent next fortnight in house new computer entertaining (play). Passion after incoming of account for phone shortly saying become internet maniac ( complete (expire) ). We made overnight except it over often lake wypady either (or) sea over. I have left in mid-august with family for warsaw also. This journey was very curious. We lived in touristic resort on new market of city. Everywhere we had near (about). City early < morning > leave (go out) tour, we walked about in nice atmosphere of warsaw street evening (in the evening). I have seen royal lock (castle) in warsaw between other, column of zygmunt, bathrooms, palace of culture and sciences, palace in (to) Wilanowie and many others curious places. Warsaw pleased me generally very and there I will go willfully one more time. Last days of vacations fastly have passed on buying of textbook and for school other preparation. It does not signify it, that I made other nothing. I commuted on cycle also and I played on computer.