Miley Cyrus is a very popular actress known worl-wide. On 10.03.2009 came out her first autobiography entitled 'Miles to go'. 20

Miley discribes her life from the start. The autobiography is about growing up as a small town girl trying to become famous. She describes real and important things for young girls f.ex. bullying and losing grandparents. 37

That book teaches that we must believe in ourself and follow our dreams . Miley takes part in different castings. That was hard to learn at school and act in films and I admire Miley for it. She discribes her relationship with her friends, not always positive. She has the same problems like a normal teenager. What I like is that she writes about everyday life after she became well-knowns actress. At the end of the book she prepares a list of fifty things she has done in her life. It is very intresting and sometimes funny. 'Miles to go' is the book for teenagers in 12-15 years. 107

I recommend the book, because it motivates me in my own life. I think that she is the someone that we can admire because she is a wonderful person. It is the best book that I have ever read. 39