DIARY Gladiator

08.07.73 BC

Tomorrow my ultimate test of a gladiator. The whole time I was scared that day, but I knew that only death can turn me out of the way, and I could die, I swore to myself that persevere, and find my family

09/07/73 BC

The day has come that I feared so. My master said that for the moment I enter the arena. Sweat trickled down to me, I heard the rumbling of the stadium cheers and screams, seconds dragged on like hours, I had the feeling that now prefer to die than to stand here and wait for the queue to death. Finally the door opened. I, had a helmet, trident and net. When I walked into the arena first sun blinded me ,then I saw that on the world stage but me is just an old man. The crowd chanted his name as he circled me and it looked like just waiting to pounce on me and stab daggers. It seemed that it was already a very experienced gladiator, on his face was full of scars, I did not want to fight him thought it dishonorable to beat an old man but I knew that either he or I will die. During moments circled around him when he suddenly jumped on me! he was old and strength but I could not match my experience far surpassed. An exchange of blows. First, he grabbed my harpoon and pulled him to me with his hands. I threw in the network and tore one of his daggers. I ran the spear while he flows out of the network. When I came running to me with a spear in his calf. He screamed in pain and knelt, ran up to him and he lunged at me, knocked me on the shoulder and held a dagger to his throat. At this point, my life depended on the judgment of the emperor. My master stood up and raised his thumbs up which meant that the old man is to donate my life. The enemy was, shook my hand and said it was a good fight, to see the training site.

10/07/73 BC

When I woke up, I ran straight to the square training, trained javelin after a few minutes we came and told you that now my enemy is my coach. I thought it was a great opportunity to learn, in the world of gladiators can not hold long grudges. After a while, my new coach came in and said that his name Hippolytos. He also told me that I have a lot of strength but poor technique and that if I want to survive I have to work on it. We trained all day, he showed me how to confuse the opponent as to pull his gun and blinded with sand. Then wooden swords fought two fights. I was not tired but Hippolytos said that I need to rest. So I went but I could not sleep because I was thinking all the time about the fight that will take place next week. This time I did not have much luck. She comforted me to think that my side will fight Hippolytos and we will protect all of us have to fight a few more gladiator Spartacus famous among them, supposed to be invincible. With him in the side we will have a much better chance against the gladiators Hepokratesa.

11/07/73 BC

I woke in the morning sun, so I got up and went to the square. Unfortunately, it was not my coach. I thought that if it does not it's worth visiting the city. Capua was beautiful, regretted that it was not given to me to see the city when I was a free man, but now that I am a gladiator. Only now I began to see the beauty of the buildings, plants, rivers. Then when I started to enjoy my life would it be received. After a while I noticed that there is already noon and be back on the training ground.

12/07/73 BC

I woke up at dawn and decided to run around the back of the square I noticed that in addition there is also Hippolytosa Spartacus. Regardless of the practice began to throw his spear. Corner of my eye I saw that Spartacus is to fight against three opponents! So I stopped to watch him. He was armed with two wooden swords. The attackers looked at each other and went on Spartacus. He dodged and struck a sword knocking him to the ground. This time they threw at him one by one. Deftly He avoided the blows. Suddenly, when one lunged at him, he walked past the powerful kick and I sat on the ground. Has been the only one. Spartacus threw the sword and told to start a fight even. The enemy came up to him and aimed a blow. Spartacus ducked and strength in the jaw with his fist hit the assailant. This and fell on his back. I started to applaud. Spartacus turned and left without a word.

13.07.73. BC

When I went to the gym today, I met Spartacus and I told him that it is a very good fighter. He said thank you and that if you want to see tomorrow, I have the freedom to come to the tavern for "leaky barrel". The whole incident Hippolytosowi said. He said that the dream of nothing else, and that you have to go there tomorrow.

14/07/73 BC

Spartacus said as we went to the tavern after a while came back and he did. We explained the whole plan, and said that if we do not do this, and so one day each of us will die in the arena.

15/07/73 BC

In case our opponents were involved as well as the gladiators of the city. I was putting food and weapons in a nearby ravine where we have to go after the uprising and killing soldiers.

16/07/73 BC

Rise tomorrow. Everybody was very upset., I'll be in the first line of battle, but I'm not worried as others.'m A soldier and I'm used to fighting, except that I know it's not now, but later will face tough battle. Now opponents will have a significant advantage, which is certainly going to change. Spartacus also said that because he knew that later oswobodzimy gladiators in other cities, which give an advantage in challenging the Roman army

17/07/73 BC

This morning we went to the arena. Spartacus again discussed the plan of action, showed when they enter the other gladiators. We entered the arena, the crowd chanted the name of Spartacus and he just smiled. Entered the arena of our adversaries with whom we agreed plan. We went at each other which was a sign to the rest of the items. The gate leading to the exit of the city opened up and started to run toward her. We soon obstructed the way the soldiers of the Empire. Lined up in a column headed towards them. We beat them with ease and ran out of town to a place where we had lunch weapons and then we went to liberate gladiators in other cities.

18/07/73 BC

For the first time in many days I could finally feel free. Along with Spartacus obmyśliliśmy plan to reach the next town. First, I went to the city to notify the local gladiators about the uprising. Later Spartacus attacked the city and we osaczyliśmy soldiers from both sides of the battle and won.

19/07/73 BC

After winning the next town began to spread the news to us and began to include successive gladiators, slaves and peasants. Unfortunately, the news of our creation also came to the emperor.

25/07/73 BC

Our army was growing in strength but with the growing strength of arguments. As we walked towards the next town great Roman army replaced our way. The great battle ensued which killed a lot of great people including my friend Hippolytos. Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful commander of the battle won. Having defeated army easily got to the next town and we got it.

15/08/73 BC

On our way there were more and more troops the Romans, but we still managed to win. After many battles, I decided it was time to go back to the family. Spartacus agreed with me and said that we leave Rome. So we went to the border of the empire, and we went our separate ways ...