Today , teenagers have a very big problem . They are smoking , drinking alcohol and taking drugs . It damages their health.

Firstly , In school teenagers often go smoking on the brake . It’s very big problem , because they destroy them lungs. Teachers can’t deal with it. In future They may have health problems and they might died prematurely.

Secondly , After school teenagers can drink alcohol in park , home and at parties. They are drink too much and then they are drunk . Later they are doing stupid thinks and they can die , because someone want to jump into the car.

Thirdly , teenagers take drugs . They are baying them and taking. The long term abuse is a poison , which slowly destroy the whole body . Drugs can change the human mind. Apparently drugs might stimulate body to the actions but It’s very dangerous and illegal . Teenagers often dies from overdoses.

In sum teenagers have a lot of big problems , most of them self-inflicted. Nobody told them to took supplements.