population: 16,7mln

location: North-West Europe

area: 41 543 km2

currency: euro €

capital: Amsterdam

political system: constitutional monarchy

Traditional Dutch cuisine consists of working class meals.

Many traditional dishes are mashed dishes,

for instance mashed potatoes with beacon.

These dishes are served with greasy, smoked sausage and gravy.

The Dutch love sweets. Dessert is an important part of the meal.

The Dutch eat ice cream, pancakes and pudding.

New year in Netherlands

The Dutch don't celebrate new year spectacularly.

They watch in TV New Year's stand up,

where comedian describes previous year.

At the midnight the Dutch watch fireworks.

At 2 A.M. People come back to their houses.

Netherlands rules

In Netherlands you must have a mind of your own,

but you have to accept the opinion of other people.

When you talk with other person look into his/her eyes.

Use special words for example: thanks, sorry.