Money is certainly an important part of our lives. Some believe that without them it is impossible to be happy, others say that money makes the world.

The first argument, which will put on evidence that the rich do not give happiness, it will be the example of those people who have to forgo a career to start a family. At any price they wish to increase your artefacts and climb to higher levels of their careers. For this purpose, sacrifice family and social life. The phenomenon of the pursuit of a career is very popular nowadays. However, whether earned money and high professional position will replace everything that can give family and friends? Money can not replace family love, no comfort in difficult times. It is true that making money can be fun, but it is only momentary satisfaction. In fact, the money and the pursuit of them can lead a man to a state of depression and loneliness, the consequence could be even mental illness.

Nowadays, such as pursuing careers and money and show some working parents. Spending a lot of time outside the home, at work, do not give them enough for their children. Lack of time trying to compensate for example in the form of a new, expensive toy. The child is pleased with the newly received gift, but after some time passes and appears pleased with grief to his parents, and sometimes even anger, that it did not spend enough time. The child feels abandoned, he lacks the warmth of a family, making his childhood becomes a sad and gray, because no object can not replace time spent with family, support from parents. The child may feel that the parents want him to be dismissed, which in turn can lead to breaking warm and friendly relations between the family and parents.

Another argument confirming my point is that people with a great fortune, they often have many false friends. Such people appear in the life of rich people and pretend to be her friends, but in reality they just want to tell the whole a little money from their pockets. For them, counts only the material situation of "victim" is not what this man really is. Rich people often fail to distinguish between real close, do not care about his money, from pretending to be friends greedy. This leads to the fact that rich people are afraid to trust anyone, and isolate themselves from the rest of society.

Another important issue is the fact that not everything can be bought. Real feelings such as love, friendship is not conditional on wealth. Human sympathy can not be bought, because the feeling is priceless, worth more than all the treasures of this world. Some rich people want to entice their friends spending a fortune on various parties, gifts for them. However, in this way do not gain real friends. Attract only the greedy people who want to enrich or exist among the rich.

Another example can be cited as the daily school life. Or colleague, or friend bearing the fashionable and expensive clothing is always accepted by their peers? Does true friendship with another human being assessed on the basis of the financial position of? Of course not. With a proper evaluation of man look at his material possessions, but on the other, more important qualities. Companionship, acceptance, honesty and modesty are much more important than wealth.

I think that neither the possession of great wealth or poverty are not the key to a happy life.