Life of Brian (1979), directed by Terry Jones is a comedy film made by famous british group – Monty Python. Although it haven't won any prizes, it's rated as a 164 best film on IMDb website.

The basic concept of the film is quite simple. Not far from a Bethlehem's stable another baby was born on that miraculous night. It's name was not Jesus, but Brian of Nazareth (Graham Chapman). He grows up to turn out not miraculous at all, and not even terribly bright. Durinng his adventures he joins a group of terrorists and then, somehow, he's mistaken for the Messiah. Of course, the plot is not the point when it comes to Monty Python. The film actually is brilliantly researched piece of art that shows a dirty, miserable and oppressive time when people were willing to worship a shoe if there was a chance it would get them a better deal in the afterlife.

I'm glad to say that the film is a complete success. The Python's cast as always did an extremally amazing job starring as, for example, cured leper who's upset that he's lost his living as a beggar or bureaucratic terrorists. The soundtrack, on top of which is the famous "Always look on the bright side of life" is absolutely terrific. Last but not least, the final scene is really witty and interesting.

Life of Brian is original and thought-provoking. It's an excellent reminder that when it comes to religion and politics, people should think for themselves. Everyone should watch it and draw conclusions.