The first school day and it was the new school, new people, teachers entire surroundings.

I remember that everything was started by meeting on the school playground, everyone was dressed on formally. I was dressed inb grey dress. it wasn`t too warm as far I remember. The principal started talking, I don`t remember exactly what he talked about. I know that he introduced teachers and our class tutor to as. A flag of the school, everything was very official. TRhe principal gave us the surname of our classtutor next we went to our class. Profesor gave us a school timretable, we talked about: where from we are, where we went to school. we choose the class self- government body. The class tutor showed us around the school, sche showed classes. On that day I got to know a lot of nice people. the first day in school was excellent, although it was a school day. I was a bit nervous, but unnecessarily.