Monika is my best friend. First time we met in the junior highschool, when we were 13 years old, so we know each other 5 years. We went to the same high school - now we are together in the class. She lives near me and we often visit each other.

Monika has got dark, medium-length, wavy hair. Her eyes are brown and merry. Despite a few freckles on her face, she is cute. Monika is slim and tall. She always looks fashionable and neatly. She usually wears colourful T-shirts and jeans.

Monika was very determined and always achieved, what she wanted. But now her behaviour has changed. All because the divorce of her parents. This extremely influenced on her.

A few months ago Monika was always smiling, bright and calm. Now she doesn't want to go out with other friends, she only talk with me and her parents. She became introverted, careless. We should choose our future universities, but she isn't interested in it...

The first few days after she found out about the divorce, she didin't go to school. I understood it, but Monika shouldn't drop out the school and her dreams.

I know that parents's divorce is not easy case to forget and live a normal life. When we don't give advice, we should ask for a help to some specialist. Happily, a few days ago Monika entered into meeting with a psychologist. I'm very happy about it.