Legalization "soft-drugs" - yes or no?

Recently in media appearances idea of legalization of ”soft-drugs” like marihuana. To start I must to mark of that idea have followers of for legalization and have followers against legalization. I am personally against legalization of marijuana or another “soft-drugs”, because this is really unhealthy and people should have really hard access even to “soft-drugs”. In this essay I gonna try to shows arguments of two sides.

The first argument of supporters legalization is that of “soft-drugs” do not mental addictive, as opposed of alcohol or cigarettes. I agree with this statement, because it’s true. But people must remember that don’t mental addictive causes, but it can cause be a physically dependence. The second argument for legalization “soft-drugs” is tax. Government could be earn really, really big money on tax from “soft-drugs”. Next argument of fans legalization “soft-drugs” is for example marijuana legalization would be more save for people who smoke marijuana, because the buy that in tested shops or from people who have agree of government.

First counterargument of legalization of “soft-drugs” are damage in organism. This damage could be irreversible. For that moment alcohol and cigarettes are legal so we need another substance? I do not think so. Even “soft-drugs” cause to kill brain cells. That is irreversible. And we must remember “soft-drugs” is a poison.

Finally all this things considered I’m think government should not legalization “soft-drugs” because it’s really dangerous for people.