More and more people are using social networking sites. The main question is whether this phenomenon has positive or negative sides. This is what I will discuss below in the following paragraphs.

Firstly most of people think that social networking sites can be use to connecting with people. For example on Facebook anyone who has an account can chatting online with friends also with those who live in the different places in the world. Secondly people can use social networking sites in education. Users can chatting with teacher or sending an education materials. People also can use an e-learning which is helpful for students who cannot go to school because they are ill. Finally users of social networking sites can spend time in the nice way. They can play logical games, share photos or subscribe fanpages. It is a good manner to relax or enjoy the free time.

On the other hand the opponents argue that social networking sites can be addicted for users. They think that people spend too much time on using community portals. In a result students do not learn and have bad marks. Moreover users may have privacy issues. Personality thieves can steal an account and use personal information in the bad way. In addition many people replace real world on a virtual world so interpersonal contact can disappear.

To sum up both of ideas have advantages and disadvantages. Taking into consideration all the aforementioned arguments I think that social networking sites are unfavorable for people.