I don't have much free time but when I find some I like spend it in an active way. I usually take my dog on a leash and do some jogging. If there is a chance I take my bike from garage ang I ride for hours. I go on a trips around my city. I have already visited most of the villages near the place I live. It's good for my health. After this my brain works more effective and I can do my homework. I'm good at swimming. When I have an opportunity I go to the swimming-pool. If the weather is awful I sit in my armchair and listen to the music. I sometimes play computer games with my friends. In the evenings I watch TV. I like comedy movies especially those where Cezary Pazura is starring. In general I'm trying to spend my free time outdoor. In the evenings I go to the discos. I love music so when only I get some money I spend it on concerts.

active way - aktywny sposób

a leash - smycz

especially - przeważnie

outdoor - na zewnątrz (tu na dworze, na świeżym powietrzu)