To: Organizers of the seminar

From: Jane Doe, a representant of seminar participants

Subject: Summer Seminar at Alverstoke College

Date: 08/08/08


This report contains suggestions concerning the ways of dealing with issues brought up at the Summer Seminar at Alverstoke College which was held between 30th and 31st of July.


According to the presented data a problem of homelessness affects many citizens. The reasons are not only poverty but also random events like floods, fires, gales etc. We suggest organizing periodical help for those people in the form of government shelters or substituting accommodation. The other possibility is to offer a financial support from various charities or public funds.


There has been an alarming increase in the matter of crimes committed. By far widely spread are speeding, shoplifting, frauds, pick pocketing. Offenders can be found in every age group. It is unanimously agreed that the most effective precautionary measures to this situation are stricter policing and heavier fines. Crime prevention programs could diminish crime spreading among young people.

Anonymity of the society

Seminar discussion suggested that anonymity among others is the fastest spreading disease nowadays. In terms of statistics, it is mainly because numerous duties and lack of free time. One solution for this could be organizing various social clubs or community centers where people could spend time. A help of social volunteers could help breaking the ice and enable socialization.


All in all, this was a successful seminar. We hope that our suggestions may contribute to the enhancement of the social overtone of those debates. We truly are grateful for the possibility to participate in such a seminar. We are looking forward to the next one.