I spent last summer at my aunt's in New York. I like staying there, because my aunt is a very extraordinary person. One day she decided to tell me a story which had happened to her.

Once she went shopping to the city center to buy some new clothes. It was Friday evening and the streets were crowded. She went from shop to shop, but failed to find anything special. Suddenly, she saw a shopping bag outside a big department store. It was lying on the sidewalk. She looked round but she didn't see anybody who wanted to take it. She waited for a few minutes but people passed by and nobody paid attention to the bag. Everybody would think: „It's none of my business!” But not my aunt. She took it and brought it to a security guard in that store.

His reaction was unexpected. He turned pale, his hands began trembling and he started to call someone. My aunt felt guilty that she had done something wrong. Luckily, it was easy to disappear in the crowd. Hardly had she left, when she heard the siren wailing and the announcement: „Please, leave the shop now!” It didn't sound like a request but a command. Everybody rushed to the door. A few hours later, when she was watching TV, she saw herself in the news and was shocked to learn that she had saved hundreds of people. There was a bomb in the bag!

At first my aunt felt confused. Than she felt proud of herself. But I believe that she was more proud of being on TV. She had always wanted to be in the spot light. It was such an exciting story, but I still don't know if it was true.