These days more and more teenagers take up sports professionally to become the best. Has anyone ever considered the consequences? Is it good or bad for them? Let's take a closer look at this matter.

First of all, if you want to be the best you must train very hard so you will surely notice that it sometimes leads to overtraining or, what’s worse, to serious injures! Another problem is that teenagers must sacrifice their social life to have time for workouts. Furthermore, they have to keep a diet and they can’t eat some products like sweets or fast food.

On the other hand, doing sport is very healthy and because of that we are fit and strong. In addition, taking up sport professionally as a child is your chance for success and career in adult life. Finally, it will help you learn self-discipline and how to deal with stress.

To conclude, it seems to me that sometimes it is worth taking up sport professionally in order to make money and lead an interesting life. However, the number of people able to achieve a great success is rather small but as someone wise said: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.