At present, money is the key to the success. Payable, private schools offer many benefits that public schools. Therefore, pivate schools are better. On the one hand, we can show highlights of this, yet, on the other hand, drawbacks.

First and formost, researchers have used various techniques to study how class size affects the quality of education. From the their point of view reducing class size to below 20 students leads to higher student achievement. For this reason private schools offer smaller class ,as a result, teachers are able to focus more attention on each students, and have more time to get to know students better so as to improve their learning.

Whats is more, in the private schools student keep in touch with better things, such as highly qualified teachers, above standard equipped classrooms and improved curriculum with, for instance, increased hours of foreign language learning and elective courses. As a result, the private schools do a much better job in ensuring the student’s learning needs, in comparison with public schools.

Nevertheless, public schools receive funding from taxes and people have not pay for learning. By contrast, a major disadvantage of private schools is their cost. They are not funded by tax, as a consequence, people have to charge tuition. The average yearly tuition cost for a private school can be really high and everyone can not afford it.Apart for that, private schools can deny any student admission, at result, they can choose at the discretion accepted students. Money is the key to the success, that is way, sometimes it happens that the criterion is the social position and earnings of a student's parents. It takes away these students a positive pressure and exerts on them a very negative impact.

All In all, taking above arguments into account, private schools are a good investment into the education and the future, all the same, they are expensive and sometimes focused only on profits.