There is only one castle in Racibórz. Racibórz is situated 75 km west of Katowice. Racibórz is quite big city and Piast’s Castle is located in the city centre, on Zamkowa Street.

This castle has a long and exciting past. Built in 1108. We don’t know who built this castle from scratch. It was taken up from Morawians by prince Bolesław Krzywousty. It became place of residence from Polish castellan. In 1290 prince Przemysław commissioned to build a gothic chapel. This chapel is the most valuable component from all castle.

Piast’s Castle today is a very important relic of the past. In 2009 poviat started repairs. Castle was very neglected. But now all castle is renovating and it looks better and better. It is a very popular tourist attraction. Visitors can see the 13th century chapel, big courtyard and renewed stained-glass windows. On the other hand courtyard was a place, where was organized garden party. But now this is unacceptable.

Piast’s Castle has got many legends. One of them says, that the „stone face” is authencic face by Polish knight, who was petrified with fear. He saw approaching Tartars. Some scientist think, that the „stone face” is a head by tartare commander, Tin-Fu.

Piast’s Castle is a very interesting historical monument with mysterious legends. It’s a great way to spend a day!